Coverclad Services were contracted to undertake remedial gutter works in Worcester, at a warehouse unit that was experiencing water ingress and leaks. The existing gutters were heavily corroded with vegetation and rust build-up, and upon site visit / closer inspection, the front elevation gutters were also failing structurally, showing perforated holes.

Our tasks were to prep all the gutters removing vegetation and rust where possible, to supply and fix galvanised metallic gutter sleeves as overskins to the existing failing gutter sections, and to install a Giromax HPG gutter liner system.

Photos from the Worcester gutter works are below. If you are looking for industrial gutter specialists, then please contact us on 01384 573088. Alternatively you can send us a message or contact us on 07976 726770 if you are in need of an emergency callout.

Before view of degraded roof perimeter

Before view of the roof perimeter which has degraded considerably. There is cut edge corrosion to the eaves and to the barge flashing joints, and the gutters are full of gunge.

Gutter debris in piles ready for bagging and removal

Gutter clearance has begun by brushing up debris into piles ready for bagging and removal. Notice the triple handrail scaffold edge protection to the extents of where operatives are working.

Projected roof sections with narrow gutters and vegetation growth

Close-up view of one of two projected roof sections showing signs of heavy corrosion. The narrow gutters make for limited maintenance access and a perfect habitat for gunge and vegetation growth.

Cleaning narrow industrial gutters

Cleaning the narrow gutters to the projected roof sections proved quite difficult.

Projected roof sections running at 90 degrees to main roof

Wider view of one of the projected roof sections with pitched roof, running at 90 degrees connecting to the main roof.

Gutter detail from projected roof section feeding into main gutter

Close-up of the existing gutter detail from the projected roof section, feeding into the main unit gutter.

Close-up of industrial gutter vegetation build-up

Close-up showing the amount of gunge and vegetation build-up to the industrial guttering in Worcester. Every time it rains the gunge erodes away at the base.

Industrial gutter base after cleaning

Close-up of the gutter clearance being undertaken to the rear elevation. After brushing down, inspection revealed the base structure not to be as bad as the front elevation.

Rusted gutter outlet and bolts

Close-up of an outlet to the front elevation gutter after cleaning but before scraping and mechanically removing the rust. The base structure is heavily corroded and the bolt fixings are rusted, so they will need to be cropped before being treated with Giromax.

Scraping and mechanically removing rust from the gutter base

Progress of works, scraping and mechanically removing rust from the gutter base and upstands using wire wheels.

Gutter close-up with holes and poor structural integrity

Close-up of a particularly bad section of the front elevation gutter, with holes and poor structural integrity.

Underneath view of failing gutter with holes and rust stain marks

View from underneath looking up at the failing industrial gutters with holes and rust stain marks from the leaks. Safety netting installed underneath the gutters whilst works were carried out.

Gutter expert use a wire wheel to key a gutter sleeve surface

We measured and had galvanised gutter support sleeves fabricated to match the profiles of the existing gutter and installed them where needed to help with structural integrity. When supplied they are shiny and smooth, so our industrial gutter experts use a wire wheel to key the surface for the Giromax HPG system to better adhere to.

Giromax applied gutter joint with new gutter sleeves butted up

Close-up of a prepared and Giromax applied gutter joint, with mechanically fixed gutter sleeve to the top and positioned gutter sleeve to the bottom (ready for fixing).

Galvanised gutter support sleeves installation

View along the front elevation with galvanised gutter support sleeves installed to effectively create a new gutter. The joints have been treated with Giromax and subject to cleaning, the entire length will be encapsulated with the Giromax HPG system.

Close-up of gutter joints and laps fully encapsulated in Giromax

Close-up showing the gutter joints and laps fully encapsulated in Giromax and the HPG system applied to the surrounding lengths.

Giromax HPG system applied to perimeter gutter

View of the Giromax HPG system applied to the perimeter gutters as part of the remedial gutter works in Worcester.

Giromax HPG system top coat applied

When applying the Giromax HPG system the base coat is a darker slate grey colour and the top coat is a lighter albany colour.