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Coverclad Services Ltd are long standing approved Giromax installers, fully versed and highly experienced in the application of all Giromax products. We specialise in the refurbishment and protection of most industrial roofing and cladding structures, and our work is inspected and certified on completion by Giromax inspectors. Below are details of the Giromax products that we use on a regular basis. To speak with one of our Giromax experts please call us on 01384 573088. Alternatively you can send us a message.

Giromax Seamsil®

Giromax Seamsil® Silicone Systems are the leading solution for treating cut edge corrosion, a common problem that occurs on industrial roofing and cladding. The flexible remedial system was originally developed to treat cut edge corrosion specifically on steel roofing, but it is now recognised as being the most effective protection treatment where any bare metal areas are subjected to aggressive moisture conditions.

Cut edge corrosion occurs where the existing plastisol coatings on mid-laps, end-laps, ridge joints and parapet capping flashing peel away, exposing the metal cut edges underneath, which then rusts due to weathering. At Coverclad Services, we treat cut edge corrosion by first removing any loose plastisol and rust using abrasive brushes (effectively taking back to bare metal). We then apply the Giromax Seamsil® in a three stage process. Stage one is to gun apply sealant to bridge gaps where required. Stage two is to brush apply the base coat. Finally stage three is to brush apply the top coats. Each application is left to cure and special thinners are used where necessary depending on current climate conditions. Specialist Giromax Seamsil products are also used for treating certain hook bolts and for local encapsulation on asbestos sheets.
Giromax Delcote Architectural Coating

Giromax Delcote®

Giromax Delcote® Architectural Coating is a silicone coating designed for treating and refurbishing corroded roof and wall cladding, where the existing plastisol is widely peeling from weathering and solar degradation. Used in situations where overcladding is not a viable option, the product creates a protective coating for the profiled metal cladding, which is often equal to or even better than the original coating.

The process of treating and refurbishing corroded metal profile roofing begins with preparation, using a 3000psi jet wash to remove debris and flaking plastisol together with abrasive brushes to remove rust (primer is applied where necessary). Once prepared, any cut edge corrosion is treated using Giromax Seamsil®, and then the Giromax Delcote® Architectural Coating is spray applied, completely encapsulating the roof (generally two coats of contrasting colours such as slate grey and goosewing grey are used).

Giromax Delcote© HPG

Giromax Delcote© HPG is an elastomeric membrane designed to re-line metal, concrete and asbestos gutters. Once applied the product is resistant to UV and weather extremes, and it possesses superb elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements and to promote water flow. At Coverclad Services Giromax Delcote© HPG is our product of choice when it comes to gutter repairs and refurbishment.

The process of applying Giromax Delcote© HPG begins with clearing the gutter, together with removing rust and flaking from the gutter joints using abrasive brushes and manual methods. Once prepared the gutter joints are encapsulated using Seamsil® 300 gutter joint repair and depending on the areas of concern, sealant, base coat and two coats of contrasting Delcote© HPG colours are then applied.

Giromax Delglaze©

Over time existing grp rooflights deteriorate due to weathering and solar degradation, becoming opaque in colour and fibrous and rough to the touch. Giromax Delglaze© is a high performance clear membrane used to coat, seal and toughen aged and weathered grp rooflights. It has bridging capabilities and can be used on a range of building components such as concrete, glass, grp and ceramic tiling.

At Coverclad Services we find Giromax Delglaze© extremely useful when access to grp rooflight areas is complex, and replacement options are not viable. We begin by manually cleaning the grp rooflights. Once prepared the Delglaze© is brush applied with two coats, including in and around the fixings to seal the roof light under a new layer. New fixings are also fitted to complete the refurbishment.

Giromax Girocote®

Giromax Girocote® is a mid-sheen, low odour, emissions compliant wall cladding coating, for use in situations where replacement cladding or composites are not viable (such as rear elevations that are not client facing). The product has long term weathering properties, is easily spray or brush applied, can be used in small quantities and comes in a wide range of RAL and BS colours.

The process of applying Giromax Girocote® at Coverclad Services begins with cleaning and preparation of the existing areas of concern, normally using a 3000psi jet wash. Priming is not generally required unless indicated by an on-site adhesion test. When applying, the fixings are first encapsulated and then the entire area is spay applied with the Giromax Girocote® - ideal on dilapidation works where tenants are moving out.

Case Study: Giromax Experts In Birmingham

GVA - Assay Abloy contracted Coverclad Services to carry out landlord dilapidation works on an industrial unit in Wednesbury. The industrial roofing repairs in Birmingham were scheduled to be completed in three weeks, so we dispatched a four man team of our Giromax experts in Birmingham to prepare and treat cut edge corrosion to the roof sheets eaves and mid laps plus the top of the roof lights - with Giromax Seamsil 100. During the cut edge corrosion in Birmingham, scaffold edge protection, safety nets and a diesel scissor lift were used, with the industrial roofing repairs being completed on time.