Coverclad Services were contracted to carry out industrial roofing in Wolverhampton, to a retail park terrace unit on behalf of the main contractor. The roofing works formed part of dilapidation works in preparation for an incoming tenant.

The first part of our job was to remove the existing double skin GRP rooflights and replace them with new internal metal lining sheets and new box profile 4top sheets to match existing (with insulation to the voids). The second part of our job was to supply and install a built-up overclad system to the 1000m2 existing roof area, complete with weather flashings, ridges and step-down flashings to the adjoining units.

We dedicated two teams of our industrial roofing installers in Birmingham to the project, in order to achieve the shortened three week turnaround as specified by the client. Photos are below. If you require industrial roofing experts in Birmingham then please contact us on 01384 573088. Alternatively you can send us a message or telephone us on 07976 726770 if you are in need of an emergency callout.

Roof stagings over existing rooflights

View down one of the roof slopes at the beginning of the commercial overclad in Wolverhampton, with demarcation tripod scaffolding marking the unit boundary and roof stagings (also known as youngman boards) set over the existing rooflights. Internal safety netting was also installed during the rooflight works.

Rolls of insulation on roof

Overclad materials including rolls of insulation and roof sheet stacks delivered to the roof. The existing roof sheets were suffering from plastisol delamination at the cut edges as well as fixings deteriorating and perishing. The rooflights were fibrous and degraded letting water in.

Internal metal lining sheets installed

View from the inside up at the industrial roof, with internal GRP rooflights removed and new internal metal lining sheets installed to match existing.

New GRP rooflight

Close-up view of an existing GRP rooflight removed and replaced with new top sheet to match existing.

Rolls of insulation laid out

Rolls of insulation laid out across the grid bar system, and the new R34/1000 profile 0.7mm plastisol coated goosewing grey roof sheets stacked in position ready for installing.

Industrial roofing installers in Birmingham

Our Coverclad Services industrial roofing installers in Birmingham rolling out the loose insulation and screw fixing the roof sheets down onto the pre-galvanised support grid system.

Coverclad operatives fixing down roof sheets

Our industrial roofing installers progressing across the slope, main fixing down the roof sheets.

One half of built up overclad system complete

View from the ridge down across one half of the 1000m2 industrial roof, completed except for being fully stitched down. The opposite roof slope over the apex still to do.

Eaves closer flashing fitted

Close-up showing an eaves closer flashing at the perimeter gutter level. With the new built-up system installed (consisting grid bars, insulation and top sheets) the closer flashing together with foam fillers is used to seal around the edges.

Completed industrial roofing in Wolverhampton

Completed view up one of the roof slopes, with the new R34/1000 profile 0.7mm plastisol coated goosewing grey roof sheets installed and fully stitched down. Bucket unfortunately in the middle of the photo!