Coverclad Services was contracted to carry out industrial roofing and cladding works as part of a tower entrance construction project in Swansea. The tower was being installed to coincide with several other units along a commercial terrace which had already been upgraded.

Our works were carried out over a 14 week period, encompassing often one but sometimes two of our industrial roofing and cladding teams. We constantly worked in and around other contractors and adapted to changes in schedules and order of works.

Assignment of our industrial roofing and cladding works included the following:

  • Removal of existing composite wall cladding, internal wall liners and bull nosed soffits.
  • Cut out existing roof sheets and gutter section from the front elevation to accommodate new tower.
  • Supply and install Kingspan Micro-Rib 1000 composite panels, with pre-formed mitred corners (at request of client) to the unit front elevation and the new tower block, plus all accompanying insulation, liners, flashings and sills. Re-use existing composite panels where possible.
  • Supply and install insulated composite roofing panels to the tower canopy, abutments to the roof, bull nose fascia, step joint sill and accompanying insulation, soffit planks and support angles, perimeter weather flashings, rear base sill and ledger, and newly constructed gutter section with associated rain water pipes to the rear of the tower.
  • Supply and install small composite panel and base sill to low level canopy, plus bull nose fascia, box enclosure to the gutter, and associated rain water pipes.
  • Remedial works to the existing 20m wide by 6m high by 50m deep main unit, including replacement of all rooflights and roof fixings, treatment of cut edge corrosion with Giromax, roof coating repairs using Giromax, gutter preparation and installation of Giromax HPG system, bull nose fascia and soffit works, front fenestration insulation works, isolated wall cladding sheet repairs and fixing replacements, over-spray of graffiti markings and other works to hip and ridge flashings.

Photos from the tower entrance construction project in Swansea are below. If you require industrial roofing and cladding works then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Coverclad Services. We serve commercial clients all over the UK.

Tower entrance boarded layout before work began.

Visual aid before work began, the boarding is where the tower entrance was to be constructed.

Unit front elevation with cladding removed.

Our first assignment was to cut out existing front elevation composite wall panels (exposing underlying steelwork), and to remove bull nose flashings to facilitate cutting back of the roof sheets and industrial gutter.

Cutting back existing roof slope and industrial gutter removal in Swansea..

View of the front elevation from the roof, with penetrations made, cutting back of existing roof slope and removal of gutter section ready for steel contractor to construct the tower.

Rear view of the completed tower steel frame.

Rear view of the completed tower steel frame construction.

Front view of tower steels and unit wall cladding removed.

Ground level view of the completed tower steel frame construction. In the background our team of cladding experts have removed more composite panels from the front elevation of the commercial unit.

Industrial gutter installed between existing roof and tower.

View of the newly formed industrial gutter with associated rain water pipes that our team installed between the existing cut back roof and new tower entrance canopy.

Tower with Kingspan wall cladding installed.

Upon completion of the tower, our team of cladding experts installed Kingspan Micro-Rib 1000 composite panels to both the unit front elevation and the new tower block (some existing composite panels where re-used where possible).

Tower fitted with Kingspan Micro-Rib 1000 composite panels.

Bespoke pre-formed mitred corners were created and installed (at the request of the client) to produce a flawless finish to the tower entrance.

Upward view of tower canopy with soffits fitted.

View up at the tower canopy with bull nose flashings re-instated and soffits installed.

Coverclad services van in front of Kingspan wall cladding installation.

Front elevation completed with existing composite wall cladding sheets re-used where possible. As cladding installers our work is now finished on this area of the unit. The final step will be for the unit to be sprayed to the exact colour requested by the client to ensure a uniform professional branded finish. One of our Coverclad Services vans in the foreground.

Old worn midlap roof joints and friable rooflights.

Roof slope view before works began, with old worn mid-lap repairs (dark lines) and old friable roof lights. Staging safety devices in position.

Newly fitted rooflights in Swansea with poppy red fixings.

View of the industrial roofing repairs in Swansea, with roofsheet mid-laps cut edge corrosion treatment completed and new rooflights installed with poppy red fixings. In the background the roof staging safety devices are still in use whilst our roofing experts continue work.

Full boarded scaffolding enabling alignment of bull nose flashings.

Limited access to the side length of the unit, so full boarded scaffolding was installed to enable re-alignment of the existing bull nose aluminium flashing. They had not been aligned to manufacturer’s recommendations when previously installed some time ago by another contractor (causing crease marks and grinding from heat expansion during the summer months).

Cut edge corrosion treated with Giromax.

Close up view of a roof sheet at eaves level, prepared and treated with Giromax. Note the lower gutter section behind has also been applied with the Giromax HPG basecoat, as a part of the project gutter works.

50 metre industrial gutter treated with Giromax HPG.

View along the industrial gutter length with Giromax HPG installation completed. On the right hand side is the full boarded scaffolding and on the left hand side are the rooflight stagings in position as safety precautions whilst our industrial roofing experts in Swansea work on the roof slopes.

Giromax gutter repairs in Swansea.

Corner view of the industrial gutter with Giromax HPG installation completed.

Wall cladding sheet filled and sanded ready for painting.

View of one of the many isolated dents to the existing wall cladding around the unit, filled, treated and sanded ready for spraying.