Coverclad Services was contracted to undertake temporary isolated roofing repairs in Redditch, directly on behalf of a nuts and bolts manufacturer. The client had purchased both units on the site and our team of industrial roofing experts were already working on the larger accompanying unit. Unfortunately water was leaking into this smaller second unit so we surveyed and identified the potential problems to the client. With the current budget vastly focused on the larger main unit, the client opted for unwarranted temporary roofing repairs to try and stop the leaks for the time being.

We released a three man team to carry out the isolated roofing repairs, which included applying Giromax repairs to all main and side lap stitcher fixings, removing three old patch repair penetrations at eaves level and replacing with new 1.5 metre roofing sheets, replacing an existing box gutter with a new trim line gutter (connecting to roofing sheet crowns), and removing existing ridge flashings to replace the fillers with new (embedding them down with silicon sealant) then reinstating the ridge flashing with new mastic and fixings.

Photos of the temporary isolated roofing repairs in Redditch are below. If you require industrial roofing or cladding repairs or are in need of an emergency callout then please call 07976 726770. Alternatively you can send us a message.

Rusted roof fixing with missing cap and perished washer

Close up example showing one of many rusted fixings with missing caps and perished washers across the industrial roof slope. With a lack of compression onto the roof sheets, various water ingress locations were being created.

Heavily corroded loose roof fixing with cut edge corrosion

Another example of a heavily corroded loose fixing with cut edge corrosion almost up to the first fixing point. In this scenario the only option was to remove the old perished roof fixing and replace with new.

Metal ruler inserted into void of roof sheet midlap

Close up showing a metal ruler inserted into the void of the middle corrugation midlap (this should not be possible). There should be butyl strips in position to stop capillary action from water seeping up the sheet into the unit.

Roof sheet midlap pulled upward by industrial roofing expert in Redditch

Our Coverclad Services roofing experts in Redditch were able to pull the midlaps upward in places, revealing no mastic seals underneath to prevent capillary action (damp conditions and corrosion was taking shape under the roof sheets). We treated the main and side lap stitchers and midlaps with Giromax.

Cut edge corrosion to roof fixing points and tops of rooflights

Close up showing cut edge corrosion to the fixing points and to the tops of the rooflights.

Giromax experts encapsulated all roof fixings

Our Redditch Giromax experts encapsulated all fixings with Giromax cold liquid applied membrane. The client was focusing budgets on the larger main unit, so for that reason the cut edge corrosion was left for the time being (although the cut edge corrosion is already alarmingly close to the fixings).

Old perished fixings and cut edge corrosion across roof slope

Wider shot of the old perished fixings and cut edge corrosion across the roof slope. The darker colour above the middle rooflight is the remains of a previous proprietary roof repair product.

Giromax encapsulated roof fixings across roof slope

A view across the roof showing Giromax encapsulated roof fixings and rooflight fixings (again cut edge corrosion is left as is for now).

Poor temporary patch repair over historic roof penetration

Close up of a temporary patch repair over a historic roof penetration, which was undertaken to a poor standard by another contractor.

High quality repair to historic roof penetration

We removed the roof sheets around the three historic roof penetrations and supplied and installed with new 0.7mm plastisol coated roof sheets to match the existing profiles. Also our Redditch industrial gutter experts installed a new trim line gutter connected with brackets to the roof perimeter.

Temporary Giromax Seamsil repair around boiler flue penetration

Temporary Giromax Seamsil repair around an existing flue penetration, plus roof fixings Giromax encapsulated.