Coverclad Services was contracted to carry out a Kingspan composite wall cladding installation to the front elevation of a retail park unit in Dudley, on behalf of the main contractor. The existing aluminium composite panels had experienced extensive solar degradation and multiple penetrations over time, and with the current tenant moving out, it was the perfect time to refurbish and bring the retail unit up to the same spec as the neighbouring unit frontages.

Our overall job description was to first take down the aluminium wall cladding from the 18 metres wide by 6 metres high front elevation (and remove for recycling), to enable other trades such as demolition, steelwork and glazing to carry out their works. We then installed Kingspan Curvewall Longspan panels to the main front elevation, Kingspan Flat panels to the goal post like structures and Kingspan Micro-Rib Longspan panels to the centre goal mouth area, with all associated sills and flashings.

Photos from the wall cladding installation are below. If you require industrial roofing or Kingspan installers in Dudley or the West Midlands then please call 07976 726770. Alternatively you can send us a message.

Retail park unit in Dudley with extensive solar degradation

Before photo of the retail park unit in Dudley with extensive solar degradation, old display markings and several historic penetrations to the aluminium composite panels.

Another view of the retail park unit before work commenced

The big red beams are decorative and referred to as goal posts by the architect. Our first job was to take down the front elevation aluminium wall cladding and remove for recycling. We stripped the composite panels from the top down and then removed the frame signage areas.

Neighbouring unit Kingspan Curvewall cladding

The neighbouring units used Kingspan Curvewall to their front elevations (as shown in the photo) so as specialist Kingspan installers working in Dudley our task was to match to the existing left side Curvewall already in place.

Closeup of neighbouring unit Kingspan Curvewall cladding

Close up of the neighbouring Kingspan Curvewall panels to be matched against, in a high spectrum silver finish. They get their name from their shape, being half curves.

Wall cladding removed exposing underlying steels and blockwork

View of the unit front elevation with wall cladding removed, exposing underlying structural steel work and internal perimeter blockwork.

Cordoned off Dudley retail park unit for wall cladding refurb

The Dudley retail unit was cordoned off whilst the front elevation and wall cladding refurbishment works took place.

Floor stacked with old composite aluminium cladding panels and frame

Some of the old composite aluminium panels and signage frame stacked on the floor ready for removal and recycling.

Sideview of Kingspan Curvewall and underlying insulation

Close-up of the neighbouring Kingspan Curvewall during installation. The steel contractor raised the height of the parapet to match the neighbouring unit and barge flashings were to be installed over the top to encapsulate and match next door.

Internal view looking out of empty retail unit in Dudley

The unit front elevation with internal perimeter blockwork removed by another contractor, ready for the new frontage to be formed. A galvanised grid system to be installed, measured and spaced to accommodate different panel lengths and specified glazing / openings to the new front elevation.

Coverclad wall cladding specialists in Dudley working from scissor lift

View of one of our Coverclad wall cladding specialists in Dudley working on the goal post type structures from a scissor lift. The cladding panels stack interlocking on top of each other which is why they must be dismantled from the top down.

Left sided view of Kingspan Curvewall cladding installation in Dudley

Finished view of the Kingspan Curvewall cladding installation in Dudley, using 6 metres long Kingspan Longspan panels which required powered access to aid installation.

Straight on view of Kingspan Curvewall cladding installation in Dudley

Large windows were used in the new front elevation design to produce a high-class finish and to introduce lots of light into the building (we installed sills above the glazing to finish and to help with weather proofing). New low-level bricks and paving was also added (plus bollards removed from in front) to ensure a perfect retail finish.

Right sided view of Kingspan Curvewall cladding installation in Dudley

The new centre goal posts structure was cladded with Kingspan Flat panels in anthracite grey (along with top barge and corner flashings in 0.7mm plastisol coated metal profiles), and the centre viewpoint was cladded in goosewing grey Kingspan Mirco-Rib composite panels (again from the Longspan range).