Coverclad Services was contracted to install hundreds of linear metres of pigeon netting in Birmingham, to a large industrial unit directly on behalf of an aircraft tyre manufacturer. The roof construction was made up of steep slopes with numerous apexes that housed large glazed sections and mechanical louvers that opened to allow rising heat to escape.

Seagulls and pigeons were attracted to the building environment and during the breeding season the roof was common ground for nesting. As such the client wanted to prevent the birds entering the building through the roof openings and our task was to achieve this through the installation of pigeon netting.

Photos of the pigeon netting installation in Birmingham are below. If you require industrial roofing repairs, pigeon netting installers or have an emergency callout then please call 07976 726770. Alternatively you can send us a message.

Pigeon netting installed along a 60 metre glazed slope

Pigeon netting being installed along one of the 60 metre glazed slopes. The pigeon netting is made from strong moulded plastic to withstand the elements over extended periods of time.

Glazed window opening under pigeon netting

We needed to allow enough slack on the steep slopes for the glazed window sections to open without damaging the pigeon netting.

Pigeon netting connected up over a barge ridge detail

View along another 60 metre slope with the pigeon netting connected up over the barge ridge detail. To the left are further pigeon netting areas installed by us over purpose built steel frame constructions (see below).

Six metre wide pigeon netting hanging down steep slope

The pigeon netting needed to be over six metres wide in places to cover the steep slope glazed openings.

Galvanised steel frame made for pigeon netting

One of the hurdles for our pigeon netting installers in Birmingham was to enable the sections with the vertical mechanical louvers to open without damaging the pigeon netting (or indeed the louvers themselves). So as industrial roofing experts we constructed galvanised steel frames around each vertical section for the pigeon netting to lay over, providing plenty of space between so the louvers can open freely.

Pigeon netting installation in Birmingham

View of one of the vertical opening sections, with the pigeon netting hanging over our galvanised steel frame. The box structure to the inside is the mechanism that powers and opens the louvers. Overall the pigeon netting installation in Birmingham took a three man team two weeks to complete.