Coverclad Services was contracted to undertake isolated cladding and industrial roofing repairs in Tamworth on behalf of the main contractor. The works were issued at short notice and with a very specific deadline in place, due to the end client opening on Boxing Day. We dispatched a three man team of our industrial roofing and cladding experts to Tamworth to complete the works out of hours and over the weekend, in an effort to minimise obstruction and to help the other trades also working on site.

There were three main aspects to the job. The first was to prepare and then paint the eight front elevation pillars in order to provide a fresh new look to the entrance. The second was to repair numerous isolated dents and old redundant fixings and penetration holes to the rear elevation cladding panels, plus replace a damaged corner flashing at canopy level to match existing profiles. The third was to carry out an industrial gutter clean-up at roof level and to replace the existing rooflight fixings (wrongly installed by a previous contractor) with poppy red fixings and larger washers.

Photos of the isolated cladding and industrial roofing repairs in Tamworth are below. If you require assistance or are in need of an emergency callout then please call 07976 726770. Alternatively you can send us a message.

Entrance columns in need of repair work and painting

Close up of one of the eight front elevation entrance columns in need of repair work and painting ready for the Boxing Day opening.

Retail unit front elevation pillars prepared and painted

The eight pillars to the front elevation entrance have been rubbed down, filled, prepared and painted, together with steelwork to the underside of the entrance canopy up to pigeon netting level.

Industrial gutter in Tamworth with vegetation and debris

Before photo of the roof level industrial gutter clean-up in Tamworth, showing vegetation and debris along one of the 50 metre lengths.

Industrial gutter cleaning in Tamworth

View along the same 50 metre roof length with industrial gutter cleaning in progress (two thirds of the vegetation and debris has been removed).

Valley gutter with vegetation and debris removed

View along one of the valley gutters with vegetation and debris removed.

Perimeter gutter cleaned by Coverclad Services gutter experts

Another one of the perimeter gutters cleaned by our industrial gutter cleaning experts in Tamworth.

Industrial rooflight with incorrect fixings

View of one of the existing rooflights before our team started work on them. Some poppy red fixings already exist on top of the crowns, but the fixings in the rooflight pans and around the rooflight perimeters are incorrect.

Industrial rooflight with poppy red fixings

Our industrial rooflight experts in Tamworth have replaced all of the rooflight fixings with poppy red fixings and new larger washers to bring them up to standards. Poppy red fixings are used to highlight the location of rooflights (over time dirt, debris, grime and degradation can discolour rooflights to the point of being undetectable alongside roof sheets).

Close up photo of incorrect fixings around rooflight edges

Before close up photo of the old incorrect fixings around the rooflight edges.

Close up photo of new poppy red fixings around rooflight edges

After close up photo of the new poppy red fixings around the rooflight edges, bringing the industrial rooflight up to standards.

Retail unit general storage area

Rear elevation yard area previously used for general storage, being the cause of many of the low level isolated dents to the cladding sheets.

Isolated dent to cladding sheet in need of repair

Close up of one of the isolated dents to the rear elevation cladding sheets in need of repair. Previously fitted signs, cabling and fixings had also been removed, leaving old penetration holes exposed, requiring attention. We applied two pack filler to the holes and dents, rubbed down and prepared, then sprayed with cladding paint.

Impact damage to corner flashing at canopy level

Impact damage to the rear elevation corner flashing at canopy level.

Corner flashing replaced to match existing profile

Rear elevation corner flashing replaced to match existing profile. Also see the newly applied darker cladding paint underneath (up to two metres high from ground level). Trying to achieve the exact same previous silver colour is nigh impossible due to solar degradation. Applying a darker contrast colour looks much better.

Completed works with Coverclad Services van

View of the rear elevation completed works with one of our Coverclad Services vans in the foreground.