Coverclad Services was contracted to overclad an existing industrial roof in Weymouth on behalf of an aquarium and attractions centre. The two roof slopes to the building in question were experiencing water ingress from multiple locations and the gutters were poorly designed and installed, and in need of immediate attention. So we dispatched a three man team of our industrial roofing and gutter experts to Weymouth for a two week period to complete the works.

The overall job description was to overclad the existing roof with 0.7mm plastisol coated metal roof sheets, screw fixed to a pre-galvanised grid system with rolls of insulation, and to install new pre-galvanised gutters 2mm thick to the full length of the North slope and part length of the South slope, plus adding new UPVC rainwater pipes sized to suit flow capacity.

Photos of the roofing overclad in Weymouth are below. If you require industrial roofing or cladding installers or if you are in need of an emergency callout then please call 07976 726770. Alternatively you can send us a message.

Industrial roof in Weymouth with historic repairs and roof penetrations

Before photo showing various historic repairs and roof penetrations to the aquarium and attractions centre in Weymouth.

Industrial gutter containing vegetation and debris

Close up of the gutter containing a large amount of vegetation and debris, together with an unsuitable quick fix downpipe.

Old dented industrial roof with gutter debris build up

Before photo showing the vegetation and debris build up in the gutter. The dents to the roof sheets and fibrous porous rooflights are also evident.

New roof overclad with dektites and soaker flashings and pre galvanised gutter

After photo of the same roof slope, showing new 0.7mm plastisol coated metal roof sheets with new dektites and soaker flashings in place around the multiple roof penetrations, plus new pre-galvanised 2mm thick gutter to the right hand side.

Poorly designed valley gutter

Before photo along the poorly designed valley gutter in Weymouth. In the foreground is a temporary flash band repair to a historic roof penetration in need of attention.

Newly installed pre galvanised 2mm thick valley gutter

After photo along the newly installed pre-galvanised 2mm thick valley gutter, with new industrial roofing overclad in position as well.

Blocked valley gutter causing severe roof sheet delamination

Close up before photo showing the poorly designed and blocked valley gutter, causing severe roof sheet delamination (ponding water and vegetation rotting the roof sheets coating). Also heavily dented roof sheet next to the oversheet on the right hand side as well.

New pre galvanised valley gutter fitted by gutter installers in Weymouth

Close up of the new pre-galvanised 2mm thick valley gutter fitted by our industrial gutter installers in Weymouth.

Roof sheet delamination and temp repairs to roof penetrations and midlap joints

Before photo showing roof sheet delamination and temporary repairs to roof penetrations and midlap joints, plus an old roof penetration oversheet in the foreground.

New dektites and soaker flashings

Closer view up the four metre roof slope with new dektites and soaker flashings in place over the completed overclad.

Roof stagings in place over rooflights for safety

Before photo of our industrial roofing experts in Weymouth preparing the roof for the overclad, with scaffold edge protection fitted and roof stagings in place over the rooflights for safety. The unit was unoccupied during the works.

Completed Coverclad Services industrial roofing overclad in Weymouth

View of the completed Coverclad Services industrial roofing overclad in Weymouth. The overall roof area was approximately 34m by 12m (4m to the eaves) ranging over two slopes, adjoining onto other units. Roof sheets only were used (no rooflights), plus 2mm pre-galvanised gutters were fitted together with new UPVC rainwater components.